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I seemed to be a little more inspired and less critical of my writing this morning and early afternoon. That's an improvement, at least. I'm really not sure how to battle this problem with extreme criticism of what I write. Sometimes, it really keeps me from making substantial progress, which is disappointing, because I actually write quite quickly...in spite of having three kids and a full time job.

So far, today, word counts as follows:

Judgment Day 1366 words
All That Glitters 1532 words
Long Way Home 1303 words

Pretty good progress, but the HUGE problem in all this is that I didn't work on my current project. And, while these three novels are part of the series, they fall much later than my first book, which I really need to work on.

The big problem is just self-criticism and maybe some stress and exhaustion from work. Why it didn't affect the other three novels I worked on, I have no clue. I guess I'm imposing some sort of writer's block on myself. That's a possibility.

Hmm...still enough time to get more writing done tonight...before heading off to the hell hole known as work tomorrow. Ick. But, I also need to get four critiques done for Quill N Ink before Wednesday, and a critique done for Critters by Wednesday night. Sigh...too many things, not enough time.


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