Nov. 27th, 2006 05:41 am
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This is the first time I have finished an entire novel in one month, and I'm sooooo proud of myself.

I've written over 100,000 words in NaNo before. Did that last year. But I didn't finish the novel until January of this year because of some real life problems.

This time, I set out what I intended to do. I finished the entire novel in one month.

The best part? It's pretty lean. I'll need to flesh out a few areas, I think. Add a little more description and make sure the emotions I want are in place.

Only a couple of dead-end scenes to take out. They were experiments and I'll use them else-where. But, they're probably not even a page worth of writing.

I have a plot twist I might put in upon rewriting, but haven't made a definite decision on that yet.

Might go with the plot the way it is and just see if anything new evolves on rewrite.

This will probably be the easiest edit/revise I've had.

I had days when I let my insecurities get the best of me, but over-all, this is probably the cleanest novel I've written.

I resisted the urge to pad just to hit NaNo word counts. I even cut out stuff that I knew I'd cut out on rewrite anyway. I am really serious about this novel and did NOT want to leave myself stuck with clutter when I was done.


Broken Mirrors is finished. I don't have time to post my meters and such this morning, but I'll do that when I get home from work.

I think I'll start on the next novel in the series since I still have four NaNo days left. :)

Then I have to get to work on the screenplays.

No rest.

It is Done

Aug. 29th, 2005 07:13 pm
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I've finished it. I've finally, finally finished it!

Ancient Secrets.

And, there's no way to describe the thrill and excitement I'm feeling right now.

It's...AMAZING! It truly is.

No, it's not the first novel I've finished. But, that first novel was finished around 15 years ago.

This is, however, the first novel in my series. Actually it topped out at 968 pages, so it's probably the first two novels in my series.

I worked, not on this particular novel, but on finding exactly the right place to start my series, for a year. The storyline extends forward and it extends back and all the work I've done has not been in vain. I've ended up with quite a few novels in the series at least half finished. I can't complain about that.

But, back in June, it hit me. The perfect beginning to this world I love so much, the perfect showcase for characters I adore.

And, now, it's complete, in all its rough glory. It needs lots of work. It needs to be split apart. It needs many, many revisions.

But, it's done, in spite of everything in the world that has conspired to keep me from finishing. And, I feel very, very proud that I've managed to accomplish this even though, for a while, the world seemed to fall apart completely.

Ancient Secrets 5,489 words today

262,120 total words to date

Zokutou word meter
262,120 / 262,120

Now, we're going out for a late dinner to celebrate. WOO-HOO!!!!!!!



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