Nov. 2nd, 2012

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He's at the vet now for surgery.

He's almost 9 years old, so there are concerns.

He'd eaten this morning (yes, I told vet) so that's a concern.

I covered the first $200, just barely.

However, he must return to the vet every 3 days to be checked and have his dressings changed/etc.

That's $25/visit, and will probably entail 5 visits.

So, I'm trying to raise money, which means, of course, that I'm posting about it here on LJ.

It kills me to do this because I've done it so much in the past. (And everyone has always been so kind to help.)

This time, though, I'm not asking people to give me money.

If anyone can afford it, I'm asking if you can loan small amounts until November 15, which is the next time I get paid. I'm trying to raise $150 total, in case anything additional pops up. (That would give me $25 leeway.)

The morning of November 15, before I head out to work, I'll hit refund on Paypal and send your money back.

If Malik's issues had waited until next paycheck, I could have covered everything without breaking a sweat, but things never happen when it's convenient, I am AGAIN, asking for help.

I thank everyone for reading. I super thank anyone who can loan. I promise the money will be back to your paypal account morning of the 15th.

And, I'd certainly appreciate any good thoughts for my big kitty. I just want him to be okay.


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